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According to Hub spot, companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. But, you already know blogging is valuable.

But, if no one visits your blog article, how are you going to generate those links, or even more traffic or sales?If you want reliable and qualified search traffic but don’t know where to begin, this post is going to be your best resource. Read it religiously and act on the pearls that you find.

GUIDE TO BOOST YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC & BACKLINKSSome of the strategies you know already, but I’m going to approach them from an entirely unique angle so you can learn how to increase your blog traffic.

First I m going to tell you that how you will get free traffic to your blog:

Free To Boost Blog Traffic Resources

  • Blog commenting

all blog platforms (Word Press, Blogger, etc) there is a field to enter your URL (your site address). If your comment catches a reader’s attention, they shell click on the link and  can visit your site. The other benefit to blog commenting, even if you don’t get many direct visitors, is that the search engines see the link and your site gets a small boost. If you post enough comments on enough unique blogs (different domains) then you’ll see a significant boost in traffic.

  • Twitter Traffic

    When most users first sign up and start using Twitter it can be hard to see how it could ever bring significant traffic. Over time and with regularity Twitter quickly becomes a principal source of traffic.

Many blogs use automation tools to feed links and past posts to their Twitter account. like one is called Tweet             Old Post. It takes past blog posts and tweets the title and URL to your account. Many blogs generate hundreds,           even thousands of new visitors every month using this simple Word Press this is also the way you can easily boost your blog traffic.

  • Trackbacks

WordPress  has a great feature called trackbacks. What are Trackbacks? When you mention another blog on               your site, their blog will get a notification that they have been mentioned.It creates a linkback for readers to                 follow. it is also an easy way to both share great content and get contextual linkbacks.

  • Write Great Content

    Nothing will build your traffic better than great content. Regardless of if it is blog posts, video or audio, you need to consistently produce great content. Great content encourages visitors to share your posts – via social media and links on their own sites and blogs.

  • eBay

    The concept of using eBay as a sales platform is quite simple. Post a product (often at a loss or at cost) to generate attention and post your URL in the description as a source for more information about the product or the subject. Because of the size and traffic on eBay, you’ll reach thousands of new prospects. Other sales platforms to consider: Flipkart and Amazon.

  • Video Tagging

    When you upload your videos, it’s important to take a few minutes to research the best tags for your post.



    Give Testimonials

  • Companies big and small Love to show off their customer testimonials.
  • If you’re using a product or service that you love (or at least like), consider sending them a testimonial.
  • When you do, make sure to tell them that they can put it on their homepage or a testimonial page.
  • To show that you’re a real person they’ll often put a link to your site for you…without you even having to ask.
  • Make no mistake; you can get some baller backlinks from testimonials ·
  • Blogger Reviews

    If you have a software product, information product, consulting service or ANYTHING of value that you sell, you can easily turn that into handfuls of high-quality backlinks. By offering it to bloggers for free.

    Reach out to big website owners through email

  • HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) is one of best ways to get killer backlinks from authority news site
  • Submit Your blog link to Website Feedback Sites

    Blog aggregators are sites that list quality blogs in different industries

  • Find Guest Posting Gigs on Twitter

    It can take hours just to find a handful of sites that don’t have a strict laundry list of guest blogger guidelines.But there’s an easier way. You can tap into the underutilized power of Twitter search to find sites that are posting guest posts on the reg.

  •  Scoop It

    Scoop It is a site where people aggregate their favorite content around the web into a magazine format.

    Lots of people’s personal Scoop It pages have hundreds of followers. Which means that your content will get in front of hundreds of people.

  • Track your competitors’ links

  • Google+ Profile

    Did you know that your Google+ profile allows contextual, dofollow links?

    Note, you have to be signed out of Google+ to see the link as dofollow. Weird but true.

    With enough interaction within Google+ and direct linking to your profile, you can make that a pretty powerful link.

  •  Submit Your blog link to Blog Aggregators

  • Round-up posts

    Do you know what some of the most popular and linked to posts are on the Internet? It’s round-up posts.

    How do you go about creating one of these posts? All you have to do is find a bunch of experts in your field and email them asking one question. You don’t want to ask them more than one question as it will drastically decrease your response rate.

    You also want to find at least 30 experts as round-up posts that don’t contain a large number of experts don’t do very well. so this is the way you can easily create your backlinks.

  • Respond to questions on Quora

    Quora is filled with people looking for help. All you have to do is search for keywords related to your industry, and you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands, of questions.

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How to submit sitemaps of WordPress website to Search Engines like google

Before knowing how to Submit XML Sitemap in Google Search Console you must know why to submit a sitemap and what is a sitemap , . Here is the answer


A  sitemap is basically a tree structure list of URLs of your website.



A Sitemap helps search engines like Google and Bing crawl your website by providing a “map” of the content you would like to Rank. The more effective way for search engines to index your site, instead of following internal links. The list is stored in an XML file. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML was designed to store and transport data. It is both human- and machine-readable.


Moreover, sitemaps can store “metadata” which provides Search engine bots with additional information about your content.


Benefits of Adding a Sitemap to your Website


  • Improved crawl times – Submitting XML Sitemaps help search engines crawl your Web-pages faster than if they would have to follow your website’s internal links. Latest sitemaps are also updated automatically. Overall, you should see your content getting indexed/ ranked faster on search engine


  • Prioritized content – By Using sitemap tags, you can prioritize important content over other content in your website. For example, your homepage could have a priority of 1.0 while your terms page could be attributed with a lower priority of 0.2.


  • Media content – For your content-rich websites that feature Lots of images and videos, you can create a separate sitemap to improve their Indexing as well.


  • Monitor Search Engine Performance – From your Google webmaster or Bing search console, you can use your sitemap to Check how efficiently you are indexing your pages in the search engines.


By submitting xml sitemaps to Search Engines you can tell them simple paths to visit your site due to this your website come in the eyes of search engines and their spiders can easily crawl our pages and include them in search results. for submitting xml sitemap you have to register your website on webmasters tools of various search engines and then submit the xml sitemap. The procedure of submitting a sitemap is similar for all Top Search Engine Webmaster Tools in World. Here we are going to describe you all about the  Search Engine Webmaster Tools, like for Google: What is Google Search Console .? reasons to use google search console and how to use it. How to Generate and optimize & Submit XML Sitemap .?


Top Search Engine Webmaster Tools  guide


Almost All Major Search Engines offer webmaster tools to their users. Through webmaster tools you can control and improve the performance of your website on these Top search engines.

In this article you will get to know about which search engines offer webmaster tools and how you can use them to optimize your website’s performance in that search. Engine.

Select one of the options below to go to the tools of the Specific search engine.

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Yandex Webmaster Tools
  • Yahoo Webmaster Tools
  • DuckDuckGo Webmaster Tools
  • Ask Webmaster Tools
  • Baidu Webmaster Tools

Features of all Webmaster Tools?


Before jumping into the Particular webmaster tool, let’s see common features of all webmaster tools.

These features are common to ALL webmaster tools.

  • All are free to use
  • All of them allow you to create an account and verify ownership of your website using different methods.
  • All Webmaster tools allow you to submit xml sitemap of your website.
  • All of them provide analyzing the performance of your website in their search results
  • webmaster tools  notify you about problems related to crawling and indexing ( Ranking )
  • All Search Engine Webmaster tools  you to manually submit pages to their index (either new or existing pages)
  • Webmaster tools have reports for analyzing the link profile of your website.

Google Webmaster Tools


Google webmaster tool is the most popular tool available because of the popularity of Google.

Google has now Changed  Google webmaster tools to Google Search Console, Along with name there is a  complete change in their interface and also some new features & reports.


What is Google Search Console and why should you use it .?


Google’s free tool Search Console gives site owners a lot of tools to check their site Performance. You will get information on keywords and queries that bring traffic to your website, find out for which search results your content has Ranked, and check your website performance on mobile. You can also check whether Google can access your content. In short, use it!

in this article we have covered How to connect and verify the website with Google Search Console. How to generate and optimize the Sitemap of your website.How to submit an xml sitemap to Google. 


Here is a Beginners guide to Google Search Console to get you started with.

Steps to add and verify your website with Google Search Console


Go to

Login or click ‘Start Now’ and sign in using your Gmail account


2. Select ‘Add a property’ from the search drop-down.


In your dashboard you will see an option to add a  Property  Enter your website URL there and click on continue button.

Please make sure you enter your complete URL. For example, if your site is it needs to be that exact URL. Don’t forget the / at the end of the URL.Then you will be asked yo verify your website.You can list up to 1000 Websites in your  Single Google Search Console account.


Google Search Console Add Property

Select an option from the list to verify your website

If you have access to the control panel of your website we advise you to use HTML file upload as it is simple and easy.

Just click on download HTML file, (a file will be downloaded named as  googlef4b4a0e65deeb###.html) 


Now login into your cpanel and go to the root directory of your website [file manager(public_html)]. upload the file keeping one thing in mind file name must not be changed not even as googlef4b4a0e65deeb###(1).html.

visit the link googlef4b4a0e65deeb###.html  .


Visit Google Search Console/ Google Webmasters and click ‘Verify’.
Bingo! You’ve connected your website to Google Search Console! Now that you have verified and linked your website. Now you can submit xml sitemap and all the other amazing activities Search Console capable of!



How to Generate and optimize & Submit XML Sitemap


Now Visit your website’s admin area and install module ( Joomla & Other CMS ) plugin (in WordPress) for xml sitemaps. In WordPress and install any one plugin which is capable of building  XML sitemaps.


Install and activate any one of  Your Favorite Plugin to generate Xml Sitemaps.

Here are  The 3 Best WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins.


1. All in One SEO Pack

it’s the best WordPress plugins of all time in WordPress. As a feature it has two sitemap settings. The first is a default XML sitemap for your site’s pages. The second is an XML sitemap for images that can be submitted to Search engines like  Google and Bing.

 To Add XML Sitemap:  visit the Feature Manager and activate the XML sitemaps extension.

submit xml sitemap


you can get more details on


2. Yoast SEO

The number one SEO plugin in the internet world. Similar to  All in One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO provides you an all in one SEO solution for WordPress. Yoast is used by many of the most popular websites on the internet and small businesses for its Local SEO  Features. Among tall amazing features, there is an XML Sitemap. To check your website’s XML sitemap link, you can open the General page, and click on the Features tab. Where you can use the option to enable and disable the XML Sitemap.



3. Google XML Sitemaps

If you don’t wish to install and Activate any SEO plugin on your WordPress website, then the Google XML Sitemaps plugin is the best stand-alone solution. For Google XML Sitemap  Plugin, click the XML Sitemap Setting option in settings menu of your word press dashboard, this setting page has many options, you have to do nothing with them but only click on red link click here to built it for the first time.


get more details about this plugin on


How to Submit XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster & Bing?

Once you have installed, activated anyone of  Your Favorite Plugin and generated Xml Sitemaps i.e. you have created your sitemap using any one plugin, it’s time to submit it to most popular search engines.


  • Checkout for the  sitemap URL shown as URL detected:, copy that URL
  1. Login to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool -Earlier) using a Gmail account.
  2. From the Left sidebar, select your website Link.



3. Click on the “Sitemaps” Option. – The “‘Sitemaps’” option is shown in the ‘Index’ section. If you can’t find ‘Sitemaps’, click on ‘Index’ to expand the section.



4. Remove out of date or void sitemaps (if any)

5. Insert “sitemap_index.xml” in the “Add a new sitemap” field to complete the sitemap URL.
Note: A domain property will not present the domain for the text field. Please use the full sitemap URL.


6. Click Submit.


How to remove your sitemap from Google Search Console

If you find an error in submitting the sitemap_index.xml file or if you need to erase some other sitemap, you can delete it and re-submit it.

  1. Login to Google Search Console. (Google Webmaster Tool -Earlier) using a Gmail account.
  2. From the Left sidebar, select your website Link.


3. Click on the “Sitemaps” Option. – The “‘Sitemaps’” option is shown in the ‘Index’ section. If you can’t find ‘Sitemaps’, click on ‘Index’ to expand the section.



4. In the ‘Submitted sitemaps’, select on the sitemap you want to remove.


5. Select the 3 vertical dots in the top-right side of the page and then Remove Sitemap.  If required, you can then re-add the sitemap here.



  • then visit google webmaster  tool ( Now Google Search Console ) and other Search Engines Webmasters tools and select  your website name to See it details
  • Click the  Add/Test sitemap button under the sitemaps section paste the URL and click on add button.
  • refresh the page once you have done it.

when you have submitted xml sitemap, Google will provide you helpful statistics about your website. You will be able to check

  • Indexed URLs and Images
  • Search Analytics
  • Crawl Errors

you have submitted xml sitemap successfully to google search console  now don’t  forget to do same for other search engines Yahoo,Ask, Bing,Baidu,


I hope you would like our article and found one of our listed plugins to be useful! An XML sitemap is a must-have for each & every  WordPress Website. Meanwhile only doing this doesn’t guarantee better rankings, it can help top search engines like Bing and Google crawl and index your website.


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How to increase your seo? – Step wise guide to increase SEO of a website

Seo Services-Being topper

Seo- Tips -being -topper

To derive a large amount of organic traffic to your website you have to get your website listed in 1st , 2nd or 3rd page of  big search engines like  Google , Yahoo .Bing ,Ask etc.

Now the question is How my website can be listed at top position of famous search engines?? how to optimize my website on search engines like google?? what are the various tools to optimize a website .? i.e.How to increase your seo?  The answer is here you have to just follow the webmaster policy of search engines for optimizing website i.e avoid copied and pirated content on your website .write your own content and optimize  your keywords


Here is a    Step wise guide to increase SEO of a WordPress website


There are the few things  which influences the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a blog or website


  1. SUBMIT A SITE MAP : Submit a sitemap of your website to the search engines. This sitemap will create a tree of all URL of your website and submit them to search engine so their crawler have regular visit to your website and index will also receive messages from search engine about errors,optimization, html tags etc.. by submitting sitemap your visitors may be doubled soon
    seo guide for wordpress blog

    SEO 2019

  2. GIVE APPROPRIATE TITLE TO YOUR POSTS : The important keywords should be present in your title as you can observed in search result the title having more matching words is listed above the all. so instead of giving short titles like nokia loomia you have to give title as nokia loomia features ,specifications and in india
  3. CORRECT URL OR PERMALINK: Change URL or  your permalink to post name from default or another option as again you have more keywords in permalink so chances of optimizing your website on search engines increases again
  4. Quality content : upload quality content on your website as content is king for both visitors and search engines.content should be what a visitor wants to know not what you want to let him know..and more important thing the keywords present in your title and permalink must be present in your description other wise crawler can understand that you have used fake keywords. if you can use synonyms of keyword ,it will be good for your site health and increase your traffic 
  5. USE TAGS FOR MAIN KEYWORDS : Making tags of important keywords has 2 benefits first one it increase seo and other one it increase bouncing rate of visitor, you may also use recent post widgets and categories to provide internal links to your site
  6.  USE ALL IN ONE SEO PACK: The best plugin for SEO , it automatically generate meta tags for content and help in listing your website high, using this plugin you can have custom title ,description and keywords to be shown on google. this is the most essential plugin for optimizing your content 
  7. SOCIAL BOOKMARKINGBookmark your content on social bookmarking websites (digg, technorati,  as they already have high rank and a huge amount of traffic can be transferred to your website 
  8. REFERRAL LINKS : share links of your friends website on your website so they share your on their sites that if searching crawler or visitor comes to their website also visits yours 
  9. BACKLINK GENERATION : Generate  backlinks from quality websites .it can be done in various ways like by commenting on websites  or you can use im backlink generator tool 
  10. USE LIGHT THEMES :  As this save your loading time and avoid flash content and flash adds your should be simple attractive and light, use light colors of background and black text don’t use color which have bad effect on eyes like red text on black background

Making fan page on facebook, channels on you tube upload video and leave url in description because leaving url in comment on you tube doesn’t make any sense

commenting on other websites

making account on various forums and affiliates like  and mention your website in profile

10.GIVE SOCIAL SHARING OPTION : give sharing option on social media so that if a visitor likes your content he/she may share it and result in more traffic 

Thats  all from my site hope  you like my content for any doubts ,suggestion and further support you can also register on our support forum

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