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How to Apply Adsense on YouTube

I hope you are coming on this page to know about YouTube Adsense and how we can apply Adsense on YouTube.  How we can earn money by uploading a video on YouTube. so don’t worry you are on right page and you will get the right information about YouTube and Adsense.

What is Adsense?


AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

The good news is that Adsense is about the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start making money with their sites. After installing the ad code in your site, the Adsense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about.


How To apply for Adsense on youTube

Steps to Apply Adsense on youTube

  1. Go to YouTube homepage and click on sign in.
sign in

Sign in to youtube channel

2.  Now Sign in with your gmail account.


email id

Login With Gmail Id


3. you will come back to your  YouTube channel


This is your youtube channel homepage


4. Click on upload and select a video for upload


5. It will take some time in processing.


processing time

It will take some time for uploading


6. Go back to your channel and click on enable monetization.

go on channel


7. Click on start.

complete steps


8. Sign in your gmail account or you can also create a new account if dont have any.


9.Write Your right information here and click on submit my application


fill the information

click on submit


10.  Click on accept after reading the terms and conditions




11. Now go to next step and click on start. After completing this, for Adsense approval, you need at least 10,000 views in one video.after that google will approve your Adsense application

need atleast 10,000 view's in one video

Now you need atleast 10,000 view’s in one video.


12. You need to set Monetization, how the ad will display on video. so select all of them and click on save.


Monetize your YouTube channel with different ads


13. Now go to videos and in videos go to Monetization option.



14.In Monetization click on Monetize with ads.


15. Click on your video link or search on YouTube your video link


16. Here you will see, the ad is displaying here.

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How To Create YouTube Channel

With a google account, you can watch and like video send subscribe channels.however with YouTube channel, you have no public presence on YouTube If you have a Google account, you can watch, share and comment on YouTube content. However, Google accounts don’t automatically create YouTube need to create a YouTube channel.

Follow the steps to Create YouTube Channel :

Go to YouTube and sign in

click in sign in in the top right corner of the page

sign in

Sign in to YouTube channel

Then log in using the Google Account you’d like your channel to be associated with

email id


In the top right of the screen, click on your profile icon and then click on creator studio


Next, you’ll have the option to create a personal channel or a create a Youtube channel using a business or other name. now its time to name your channel and select a category. you may like

  • product or brand
  • company college or organization
  • arts entertainment or sports
  • other

Go to channel and you will see the verify option there


click on verify option and select your country or put your number or click on submit.After that which number you provided, you will get the verification code or a voice message on that number


now put this verification code for confirmation

verification code

congratulation you account has been verified


 you can check your account has been  created


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Few years back, no one would have imagined that blogging will become a major way for anyone to make money. In last 2 years, we have witnessed an incredible increase in the number of bloggers. Specially school and college students are the majority of adopters. (more…)

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