If you’ve doing email marketing already, but you are not satisfied with your click through rate. you want to know more about CTR. so in this article covers Ten best practices for getting the best email click-through rate from your email sends. so don’t worry you will get more information about  email click through rate.


Click through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns.

email click through rate

How do you Calculate Click through rate for email?

Click through rate (CTR) percentage:  Click through rate is the percentage of recipients that have clicked on any link in your email message. A click is tracked by a tracking code appended automatically to the email links by your ESP.

 Click through rate calculation is Unique clicks / delivered number x 100 = CTR.


How to Improve Email Click Through Rate ?

1. Look consistent with the brand or website 

  • Make your email look like consistent, even inconsistency with your brand will boost clicks on one link, but that’s the one for unsubscribing.
  • Add your logo
  • An example of branded email is IFTTT

Here is website look like:


Email they send


2.Put your Extra effort in to your call to action 

Calls to action typically perform better if you phrase them exactly the same way your subscriber would. So Get my ebook will do better than  Get your ebook.

call to action

Another way to boost a call to action is to create a “curiosity gap”.

3. Personalise your email message

When most of us think of email personalization, we think of using somebody’s first name in the subject line.that good,  but there is also another way to personalize your messages.

Ways to personalize include using dynamic content. Or using other information – job title, zip code, or purchase history – to create a custom email. Depending on your list, and how you apply the technique, any one of those personalization methods can result in significant increases in click-through rates.

4. Make your email mobile friendly

  • Compose short subject line
  • Use a single column template
  • Keep your email under 600 pixels wide
  • Use a large font size
  • Display small images
  • Avoid menu bars
  • Don’t stack links


5.Use a focused layout 

How you present your information determines how your readers receive it. If you plan your email’s layout well, you can get your readers to move naturally towards your Call-to-Action (CTA).

6. Include the right Images with alt texts and links


While your emails must make complete sense even without’s important that whichever images you use add meaning to your story.

Also, since images are turned off by default in most email clients, you should add relevant alt texts to them. This text shows up even if your image is not displayed. Most email marketing services let you easily fill this field for your images.

7. Use a social media icons.

Emails with social sharing buttons got 158% more clicks than emails without the sharing buttons.


Having social media sharing buttons in your emails is definitely still a good idea.


8. Create a sense of urgency. 

sense of urgency

Flash sales create your sense of urgency .So do news pieces and limited-time offers. Countdown timers often work well, too.


9. Test 

  • How your email  are like , 100 words? 1000 words?
  • The type of content you include. Photos? Articles?Cartoons?
  • The formatting of your email, text,or HTML?

test on email



10. Resend your emails

resend your emails

If something not getting right or If all else fails, you could just send out the same email again to your subscribers. This works best if you can segment out the people who did not click or open your email the first time around. Then resend the message only to those non-openers. No need to annoy the subscribers who clicked the first time, right?

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