How to customize footer link in wordpress theme

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From early days of my blogging whenever i like a theme and customize it  ,become sad because it gives credit  to some one else that was the reason i search for changing the footer link. Today many friend ask me following questions :

How to customize footer link in wordpress theme?? How to change footer link?? How to edit footer links in wordpress theme??. how to edit name in footer links? 

so today i am going to let you know

The simple  steps  to customize footer link in wordpress theme :

  • just log into your dashboard 
  • select editor option under the appearace menu
  • select the theme to be edited form dropdown (on top right corner of editor page). by default u edit the active theme to edit other theme select it from drop down menu
  •  select he file footer.php from the list
  • look for the link and just replace them with your name and link , here you can provide link to your about -us page, facebook profileor whatever page u want to link  .
  • you can see images below for more help..

image 1

select theme

image 2



image 3


image 4

  •      After changing name and links you have done just click on update  file button and let your visitors  know that you have designed your website 

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