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Email Marketing?

email marketing

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that uses a electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or an raising message to audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.


Email marketing if done correctly, is by far, the most effective channel for one-on-one communication with subscribers, leads, and customers. But the inbox is a competitive space and standing out can be difficult. So how can you improve email marketing and send better emails?

Here are some easy steps to improve your email marketing. so lets start!!

easy steps email marketing1. Segment your email lists:

You may have subscribers who are interested in different types of emails, such as coupons, events or news, but not necessarily all,

So it’s important to understand who you are sending emails to.

2. Create an inbox swipe file:

This is the first and most important thing you can do to improve your own email marketing. First, setup a label (in Gmail) or folder in your inbox and title it “Swipe File.” Anytime you see a great subject line, a good offer, a beautiful design or great copy, just add the message to your swipe file. Pretty soon, you’ll have a repository of inspiration that you can tap into when you are working on your own campaigns.

3. Know your audience:

Know who your audience is and make sure to send them messages that are relevant to them. One of the worst mistakes you can make with your email marketing is to simply blast every subscriber on your list with the same message.

4. Keep it short:

In early days email gets  more other newsletters, some ads. so try to avoid these kind of things and keep it short as you can.

5. Cut out the Fluff:

Maximum of user start  their emails by writing, “how are you sir”, “Good Day to you”, “I m sorry to be bothering you “, I know you are busy, but……

Don’t write this kind of silly things. simple write down your point . what exactly you want to explain to other user. because he want to understand your point, regarding what you are talking with him.

6. Targeted Emails are more effective emails:

It’s difficult to isolate just one tip, but in general I’d recommend getting as targeted as possible as a sure-fire route to improving your email marketing. Studies show conclusively that people respond positively to personalized emails, when they’re executed right and don’t seem like plug-and-chug messages.

7.Scrub and verify your email in regular basis:

When someone is adding his or her email address to your list it’s possible they make a mistake, provide a fake email altogether or they eventually change to a new email address. This can have a negative effect on your email delivery performance, as the emails can bounce, go directly into spam folders and even get you labeled as a spammer. Run your list through a scrubbing and verification service on a regular basis to make sure you are always working with an accurate list.

8. Your email should be mobile friendly:

Maximum of user delete their email directly,  if its not in correct format or displaying correctly.To avoid being sent straight to the trash, it’s important to focus on creating mobile-optimized email content that is eye-catching and engaging on a smartphone.

9. Don’t use images on email.

We found that a simple text-based email with links to our content or product works the best.Images look pretty but most email clients like Outlook block them automatically which means that most people just see broken stuff instead of the pretty image. So we write very short but descriptive paragraphs with links to the site

10.Learn to write better copy:

Images look pretty but most email clients like Outlook block them automatically which means that most people just see broken stuff instead of the pretty image. So we write very short but descriptive paragraphs with links to the site. some of points to improve your writing copy.

  • Copy blogger
  • copy-writing e-books and courses

11. Make your subject line compelling and to the point:

You win or lose with the subject line in your email, so make it as compelling as possible. Either spell out an offer that your customers will find irresistible, such as, ’50 percent off our most popular software,’ or inform customers of something special that’s happening, such as, ‘Duck a l’Orange is back on Tuesday!’ This is even more effective if you have a segmented mailing list tailored to specific buying habits of your customers.”

12. Custom Responsive email Template:

On this time the majority of  subscribers are going to be opening your emails on their mobile devices, so it’s important that you use a newsletter template that’s responsive. If you use a service like Mailchimp, their templates are responsive and deliver your message perfectly across all devices and screen sizes. Take it a step further and have a custom template designed so your emails are branded and stand out.

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